Monday, June 3, 2013

Hibernation Books Past and Present!

While cleaning and packing up my classroom for the summer, I came across something that made me smile!

I found one of my first forays into creating resources for my classroom! Inside of a folder marked "Bears" from my years teaching Preschool, I found a book that I had made about animals that hibernate.

I remembered making it! I had started out by typing the sentence, "The _________ will hibernate." Then, I printed out coloring pages from the internet and cut them out. Can you see where I'm going with this? You're absolutely correct! I glued those pictures onto the typed pages! I couldn't find the  cover page I made but I took pictures so you could enjoy them! 

The pages almost seem primitive to me! I do remember my little preschoolers LOVING to "read" this book! It inspired me to make a new and improved reader using all the awesome clipart I've acquired in the past year! I put it on TpT. Click the picture to check it out!

I took a few other pictures of the book in case you were interested in seeing them. The product has a printable/projectable book AND a black and white version so students can color it and keep it in browsing bags! I'm pretty proud of this product and I'm finding that making emergent readers is A LOT of fun! 

I'm always looking for ways to increase my students' fluency and confidence. These readers are perfect for Preschoolers to First Graders! Waiting to use this reader until Fall will be REALLY difficult! I'm very excited! 


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  1. Raccoons do not hibernate and mice do not either. They remain active all winter and wonderful for looking at tracks!