Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Busy Busy!

So yeah....

I never did get a classroom tour posted. Nor did I even bother to blog about the beginning of my school year! 

Teaching Kindergarten is a lot of fun. Exhausting fun. Stressful fun. Crazy fun! Haha! :)

Me and my 27 students (yikes!) have been adjusting to Kindergarten! We are learning to get along with one another and get into a routine! I am AMAZED at the difference in my classroom in just 15 short days of school! They are growing and learning more and more each day!

We have been working on colors, color words, shapes, and letters. Here are a few things we've used to review those concepts:

Click here if clicking the picture doesn't work!

This is an emergent reader that reviews colors and color words. It is $2.00 on TpT if you are interested. I'm so cool that I forgot to take pictures... ;)
"I Like the Butterfly" is an emergent reader that also reviews color words. It is $1.50 on TpT if you're interested. Again, no pictures of final work! :) Did I mention that I have 27 (soon to be 28) students! :)

 This shape book is simplified for Kinders. It should download on Google Drive/Google Docs if you click  on the picture. If not, comment on this blog post and I will gladly send it to your email! :)

FInally, tonight, I have a FREEBIE for all of you that have been patient with my product promotion! :)

I made a very simple apple book for my Kinders. I hope you can use it. Enjoy! Graphics and fonts are copyright of DJ Inkers! Click the picture to download! Again, if I screwed up the link (which I'm good at!), post a comment on this blog post and I'll email it to you!

Thanks again for reading/following!