Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sight Words (I NEVER blog! :|)

Hello all!

I know...I know... I never ever blog! :| 

It's been a good 5-6 months since I last blogged here. I had been spending my time watching the BEST sport ever, baseball! ;) When the school year started, I updated my Facebook page a few times but also slacked there too...I'm hopeless! Ha!

This school year has been fun and has FLOWN by! My sweet Kinders started the year with excitement and have kept that excitement throughout! Anywhoo...

I've been really focusing on sight word recognition lately since I have several sweeties that are still stuck on reading Level 1 books. I wanted to share some of the strategies that I've tried that have really worked well for my group! 

I created a FREE account on this website and was able to created my own list of words there! Then, I used those lists I created to play "Hang Mouse" which is one of the free games you can have your sweeties play! Check out a picture of two of my littles playing the game!

Ever since we started to play this game during our Center rotations, sight word recognition has increased 10%! That is with only two weeks practice! I'm thrilled that they love this and are learning by using it! :)

2. "Find the Heart" game

I have placed sight word cards in a pocket chart and hidden a small pink heart (for Valentine's Day) behind one word. Students must guess which word I have hidden it behind by saying the name of the sight word. Once we find it, I hide it again! Eventually, with more practice, students will be doing this all by themselves! This has helped even my struggling students with sight word recognition! Unfortunately, I have neglected to take any pictures of this! :|

OH! This game is adjustable to any season/theme! For instance, I plan on hiding a paper tooth behind the words when it is time to study dental health and a pot of gold behind the words during our study of Ireland and Saint Patrick's Day!

3. Have Fun Teaching Sight Word Videos

Alas, these used to be free on Have Fun Teaching's youtube sight. SIGH... These videos are really catchy and my students really like singing along to them and it helps them to use the words in context properly! I caved. I bought them off of Have Fun Teaching's website for $10. Worth it. CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!

Okay, I've shared my simple tips...what are yours? Do I need to know about an awesome strategy?! Let me know in the comments below!

Hope everyone is having a great week! If you haven't visited it, please check out my Blog Facebook page and "like" it for me!!!! :)