Friday, October 25, 2013

Concluding Nocturnal Animals (Trick or Treat for the Freebie that's hidden in the post!)

Nocturnal Animals conclusion:
My littles and I have been learning about nocturnal animals for the last few weeks (see previous blog entries!) After reading these books…

 I wanted to “test” their new knowledge! I asked them to draw pictures of nocturnal animals. When I handed them black construction paper, they protested! Their eyes lit up when they began drawing on the paper with their crayons! 

Here are some pictures of the results!!

We also read parts of “Owls” by Gail Gibbons. I asked them to draw three facts they learned about owls. I made this template for them:

Here are some pictures of their drawings. 

Fact 1: Owls catch field mice. Fact 2: Some owls make nests inside a cactus. Fact 3: Some owls make nests in trees.

Fact 1: Some owls nest in a cactus. Fact 2: Owls catch snakes with their talons. Fact 3: Owls lay eggs.

Fact 1: Owls catch mice. Fact 2: Owls can swallow a snake whole. Fact 3: Owls catch snakes.

Fact 1: Owls live in a cactus. Fact 2: Owls live in trees. Fact 3: Owls like snakes to eat.

Fact 1: Some owls are brown. Fact 2: Snowy owls are white with black spots. Fact 3: Owls catch snakes with their talons.
My goal for this activity was to help students organize their thinking and new information. I also want to use this to help them tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction books in future lessons!

Since next week is Halloween week (YAY!), I am thinking my theme will be “Skeletons”. This will be a wonderful way to integrate Science into my curriculum! Here are a few book I’m planning on using (I ordered "Skeleton Hiccups" too!):

Of course, we will attempt to make a skeleton out of Q-tips and MAYBE I'll make a game or two to review skills? Who knows what I'll convince myself to do! I do enjoy my weekends! 

Well, that’s all from me tonight folks! I hope you have an amazing weekend! My husband and I are taking my niece to Cedar Point for Halloweekends! Woo Hoo!


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