Friday, May 31, 2013

Feeling a little sad but mostly blessed! :)

It’s the end of my school year and I’m feeling just a little blue… J I miss my sweethearts already (it’s only been one day since I’ve seen them!)

I wanted to share some cute pics from Field Day! Our school rented inflatables and OH. MY. GOSH. They were so much fun! My students really enjoyed them and, yes, I enjoyed them too! I hadn’t been in one of those in FOREVER. The kids thought it was great so it was definitely worth it!

On the last day of school, a few of my sweeties brought me some gifts! I CRIED. A LOT. The gifts were so very sweet and it pretty much hit me that this was the last day I have with these wonderful kiddos! It does make me feel SO BLESSED though.

It says: "I love you so much. Underwood Jadelynn love each other. You are my favorite teacher."  Again,  lots of my students just use "Underwood" instead of Mrs. Underwood! LOL

This is from the same little girl. I believe it is a fireworks show and the caption is "Summer". SO SO cute! :)
It plays "Amazing Grace" when you open it. That's one of my favorite songs!
This is a jewelry/music box. I just love it!

I've seen these on Pinterest! I was so excited when my little sweetie handed it to me! AND...I cried! :)

On the back, she had prepared this for me too! HOW CUTE IS THIS!?

I truly love to teach and my job is so fulfilling. These tokens of appreciation let me know that I am doing something right! As the school year has ended and I am getting into “Summer mode” I look back on a year of successes and failures. Summer is the perfect time to reflect, gather ideas for improvement, create some new products, and RELAX!

I hope to post again SOON with some of the inspirations I’ve found!

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