Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Post from the Nonexistent Blogger! :)


I know! I know! I never ever blogever!

I hope that this summer and in the coming school year I will BLOG BLOG BLOG!

Here’s what1st grade has been up to:

We made this SUPER cute craft in anticipation of Summer’s arrival! I won’t lie, we made it all the way back on April 26th! I haven’t been ready for summer since then or anything!

"In the summer I like to play in the pool." He made his character with a mustache!

I like to swim.

"We play in the water."

"I like to do a front flip on my trampoline!"

I made one! It says, "I go to Cedar Point." (If you've never been, GO!)

"I'm going to get in the pool."

It is made by “A Cupcake for theTeacher”! Go check it out!

I also taught my students all about bears. I usually like to study bears during the fall but we didn’t quite get to it this year!

Check out these adorable pictures! 

We walked and "talked" like bears!

I used my SmartBoard to help the students fill out a KWL chart about bears! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Smartboard!

One of my students' KWL charts and a drawing that another student drew! How precious are these?!
One more "movement" photo and an activity from the unit. Students wrote what their day would be like if they woke up as a bear. Then, I had them write if they were correct and what else they learned after reading "If You Were a Bear"!

You can check out my bears unit here.

We have also been working on some fun ocean themed activities!

We made the “When I Went to the Sea” books (available on TpT here). As of right now, I have no pictures of the kids' work but you can check out the product by clicking the link above and checking out the screen shots from the books below!

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, I wanted to take the chance to thank ALL members of our Armed Forces. As the daughter and sister of Army veterans, I know the sacrifices made by members and family members. Thank you to all men and women who keep our country safe and free!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I’ve got three more days leftwhat about you?!

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