Thursday, November 29, 2012


We’ve been working on Envision Math Topic 8: Shapes! My Math intervention group has been struggling with recognizing and naming the shapes. So instead of completing page after page of shape recognition worksheets (BORING!), we got out the pattern blocks and use them! Genius, right?

Okay, so it isn’t the most original and cutting edge idea in teaching but the kids still had fun!

First I asked them to pull out certain shapes from the plastic box I store them in. Then, I asked them to make hexagons, trapezoids, and rhombuses (rhombi?) out of smaller shapes (another REALLY difficult concept for my struggling firsties!).

After that, the real fun began! I told the students they could play with the shapes and make whatever they wanted! This was a big hit!

Just wanted to share the photos of their “free style” creations! So sweet!

"I made a triangle!"

"I used a hexagon and three little triangles!"

"Mrs. Underwood! I made a pattern!"

I asked her which shapes she used to make the pattern. She replies: "triangles and trapjoys!"

"Do you like my pretty flower?"

"I'm making a puppy!" I am using a hexagon for the head and diamonds for the ears!" Oh, and she also used a "trapjoy". How great is that?!

"I used lots of shapes to make a transformer!" It REALLY looks like one doesn't it?! :)

What do you do to help kids with shape recognition & breaking apart shapes? Anything good on TpT? I'd love the advice!

OH! One more thing...

IF anyone is interested, I made some word work task cards for my students to use at a magnetic white board/chalkboard center. I used Treasures Reading Series Phonics skill words. My kids typically end up fighting over who gets to go to the center when I have it available! It's available on my TpT store for $2.50. Click the picture to visit my store and grab it.

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