Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Randoms AND fun Thanksgiving activities!

I'm always having Oceans of FUN in my first grade classroom, but I am so scatter-brained busy that I forget to take pictures! 

In early November, I focused on the idea that voting is an American right and privilege. We read Duck for President  and discussed the voting process.

I downloaded some AMAZING products from Teachers Pay Teachers...and believe me, I so realize how late I am in sharing this!

Lisa Richling made an amazing Duck for President pack. Click here to see it!

Andrea Phillips made an ADORABLE mini unit based on Duck for President too! The craft is SO SO SO great! Click here to see it!

The final shout out I have for election material is this "Pick a President" mini unit. It is FREE on TpT! Enjoy!

We held an election in my first grade classroom (again, no photos of the actual voting cause I just totally forgot!) and here are the results:

As you can see, it was a CLOSE election!


We are on Thanksgiving break as of 2:10 PM today, but we've been learning about Thanksgiving for the last several days! 

We read "Sarah Morton's Day", "Samuel Eaton's Day",  and "Tapenum's Day" and used my Thanksgiving freebie to compare and contrast the lives of Pilgrim and Native American children in the 1620s. 

A few days later, we had some fun and did a writing activity! I started this activity when I taught preschool. Each year around Thanksgiving, I collect Kroger ads. I buy cheap paper plates and then the fun can begin!

I ask the students to cut out the foods that they think they will eat at Thanksgiving. For preschoolers, it was a cutting/fine motor activity. For my 1st graders, I wanted to add an academic element to it! I asked them to WRITE about the foods that they placed onto the plate!

They REALLY got into this activity! It was hilarious to see what they chose to place onto their plate! Check out the pictures below!

A view of the chaos fun!

Here is one of my sweeties hard at work cutting out his selected foods!

Hard at work!

She is adding the essentials! :)

This is one of the items she cut out. It is plastic utensils. She said, "You need to have these on your plate so that you have something to eat with!"

"Pop" is an obvious choice of drink! :) Several students decided that they would probably drink soda! 
This activity was a big hit! They really enjoyed completing it! The activity is on TpT for FREE. Click on the picture to get it!

Here are a few pictures of what the finished product may look like:

My school was originally a middle school so we have lockers outside of our classrooms. That is where I display all of our wonderful projects! 


To end our Thanksgiving activities, we made butter today. We talked about how pilgrims made butter (in a churn). We made butter by putting heavy whipping cream into a sealable plastic container and shaking it! It only took about ten minutes!

Almost every student decided to try some of the butter on a piece of bread and all of the students that tried it, said, "Yummy!" Here is a picture of our butter!

Well, I've rambled on shared enough tonight! I hope that you have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the well deserved time off!


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