Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reindeer Games!

We had fun playing reindeer games yesterday and I wanted to share some pictures! My students were really excited when I began discussing these games! They had a blast!

 This game is called "Reindeer Run". Students practice sums to 12 by rolling two dice and adding/counting on the dots. These two boys really got into playing!

In the photo below, he is adding 4+3 to see how many spaces to move is game piece.

These two little sweeties are playing, "Catch that Reindeer!" One player hides Rudolph behind a shape. The other player calls out the name of the shape and player 1 picks up the card to show whether Rudolph is hiding behind that shape or not! It encourages students to call shapes by name and increase their shape naming fluency. The pack includes 3D shapes and plane shapes. I'm waiting until next week to introduce 3D shapes!

Both games are in my Have You Seen My Reindeer? Math and Literacy Activities pack on TpT. Click here to see it. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Cute Mary!! I just love those little sweeties in your room too!

    First Grade and Fabulous