Saturday, August 17, 2013

TpT Back to School Sale...FINALLY!

I’ve been busy setting up my new classroom! I neglected to take before pictures (ARGH!) but I assure you, this was no easy task! The teacher that left the position decided to leave me with a lot of “gifts”. I’ve been sifting through many piles of construction paper, books, curriculum materials, and hand sanitizer that expired in 2008!

AnywaysI hope to complete my new classroom in the next few days and post a tour very soon!

I’m very excited for the TpT back to School sale! I’ve been building my wish list all summer long and it’s finally time! Click the picture to be taken to TpT's page. The sale starts on the 18th and ends on the 19th! What are you buying? Make sure to leave a comment and a link to the seller’s store! Happy shopping!


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