Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a horrible blogger I am! :)

I can't believe what a horrible blogger I am! It is laziness folks...just pure laziness! 

I can honestly say that I am POOPED when I get home from work each day! I spend most of my time on the weekends catching up on laundry, housework, and spending time with my adorable hubby and Kitty! :)


Here's a peek into what I've been up to in the MONTH since I last blogged!

For President's Day

My students made a SIMPLE craft after reading Abraham Lincoln's Hat. In the book, we learned that Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and would lose important papers all the time! He  had a great idea! He would keep the papers in his stove pipe hat! My kids really loved this concept! Here is an EASY craft to complete with your kids! Sorry it is late...maybe you can remember it for next year? Haha!

You need:
Black construction paper (9 x 12)

1. Hold the construction paper vertically.
2. Cut a long strip, about a half an inch thick, from the paper.
3. Glue the long strip to the paper to create what looks like a stove pipe hat. (See finished example below)
4. Students complete the sentence "If I had a hat like Abraham Lincoln, I would...
5. Students illustrate their writing.
6. Take a "portrait" shot (head and shoulders) of your students.
7. Print the photos and place their "hats" on their heads!

My students have absolutely LOVED looking at the finished products!

How great are these? So cute! They had fun making them too! 

We also played some Math games too!

Not to brag BUT these cute games are my creation!!! Pauly Polar Bear Teaches Tens and Ones & Lucky Leprechauns Literacy and Math Activities (Common Core Aligned) are the games featured in the photos! My students have requested these games a lot lately so that certainly makes me feel good! :)

This game is called "Spin your Digits!" It helps students to focus on
the concept of a tens digit and a ones digit. They spin each spinner and
record their results on the recording sheet!

He is playing "Sweet Tens and Ones". The chocolate bars
represent one group of ten and the chocolate kisses represent
ones. They count the number and record their answer on the
recording sheet!

He is playing "Hiding Leprechauns". This game asks students
to find the number of leprechauns that are hiding. They are finding the
"missing part" to sums of ten.

This game asks students compare two digit numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to!

They are practicing telling and writing time to the hour and half hour!

"Hiding Leprechauns"

Completing a worksheet for extra practice comparing two digit numbers!

Whew! I'm really tired now after all that typing! :) Thanks for hanging in there so long! Hopefully I will be a better blogger in the future!!!


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