Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break!

I thought my break would never get here! I'm definitely in need of a short break! I hope that all of you are enjoying a bit of a break this week...or sometime soon! 

To celebrate, I'd like to offer a free item and a 20% off sale through the end of the month!

First for the free item:

A memory game for Synonyms with a Spring theme! If you use the Treasure's Reading Series, like I do, I've used many of those words! Click the picture to get the freebie (Google Docs)! As always, I'm pretty new to uploading to Google Docs. If you try to download the game and are not successful, it may very well be human error! :) Leave a comment on this post with your email, and I will make sure you get it! 

Now for the sale (if you're interested of course!) Click on the picture to be taken to my store and shop around! 

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