Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School

I've been back to school for two weeks now and I have to say it feels odd to be back! I think I'm still in "Summer" mode! 

My new batch of First Graders seem like a very sweet bunch. They are TALKATIVE and energetic too! We've been having a lot of fun for the last few weeks reviewing alphabet letters and color words (of course I've neglected to take pictures!!).


I've been hard at work on some new TpT products and I'd like to brag about  share them!

I have an ocean-themed classroom this year and I'm determined to go all out! I made some number cards and number cards with ten frames so that my students can reference them throughout the year.

One set is for displaying in classrooms with younger students (Preschool-K) or possibly labeling lockers, data notebooks, etc. The other set with ten frames is what I am displaying in my first grade classroom. I really like them! They are on my TpT store. Click here to view my store.

I've also finally completed my Old "Meow"d card game for the Treasure's Reading Series 1st Grade Sight Words! :) I'll be printing those cards out each week as we learn them so we can review them in a fun way!

Here is a link to that game on my TpT store.

Okay, now that I'm done sharing/bragging, I want to wish all of you a great back to school if you haven't gone already and PLEASE share your experiences/upcoming plans for the school year with me. Are you trying anything new that you're excited about?



  1. I saw a FB link from First Grade and Fabulous and came over to check out your blog; I'm your newest follower! Your sight word game looks great! We also use Treasures in first grade. All the best to you! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  2. Thank you for supporting my blog! I'm also following your blog as well! I look forward to sharing ideas, experiences, etc! :)