Friday, July 11, 2014

Back from Hiatus...I hope! :)

Hello all!

I am back from my self-imposed hiatus...I hope! I know I have never been that consistent of a blogger so I am hoping that this time away (and dealing with my personal problems) has helped me realize I need to update my little blog more often!

Since the last time I blogged, I've been trying to take some time for me while focusing on the ending of the school year. I won't pretend...I didn't take many photos to document what my littles learned...I was in FULL ON pity party mode!

I will share a few photos of my littles when they made insects out of candy back in May! :) This group of students really enjoyed learning all they could about insects! It was wonderful to engage their brains in a different way AND assess what they've learned at the same time! I wanted to see if they remembered that insects have 3 body parts and six legs. I was ecstatic to see that some of the students even added antennae/wings!

This idea came to me from DeAnna Jump's Insects pack on Teachers Pay Teachers! Check it out; it has TONS of great resources and ideas to help out with any insect study! Here are some pictures! Enjoy the cuteness!

The kids really enjoyed this culminating project and so did I! Yes, there were a few tummy aches. Yes, I warned them not to eat so much sugar. Yes, it was FUN! Oh, and YES, I would do this again in a heartbeat! :)

If you're still interested in know what I've been up to, I'll share a few more photos! :)

If I haven't mentioned it before (let's face it, I probably haven't), I LOVE baseball. Love it. There isn't a better sport out there, in my opinion! I will watch it on TV, I will read about it, and I will go to as many games as I can possibly afford! ;)

This spring and summer, I got my hubby into/back into baseball (YAY!). I've been convincing him to drive all over Ohio to watch the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians as often as possible! There is nothing better than watching a game of baseball at a stadium! It, along with the beach, is my happy place! Ha! We are having so much fun rooting on our Ohio teams; it has been a great summer so far! Here are a few pics of our baseball adventures!!!!

So much fun!

Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mascot race!! Mr. Redlegs edged out Rosie for the win!

Love this man!!!! :)

I'm a happy girl!

So there you have it...I have been obsessed with taking care of ME after a very trying time in my life. Selfish? Maybe. Needed? Definitely. Feeling better? Yes. Still going through a tough time? Yes, but definitely getting better. 

Thanks for sticking it out! If you need me, I'll be a the ball field! Ha!!!!!


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