Thursday, November 14, 2013

Word Family Practice

I had a short week with my littles because we were off of school on Monday in observance of Veteran's Day and we are off again tomorrow so that all the teachers in the district (including myself!) may attend professional development.

Of course we reviewed important things this week…but I also decided to challenge my sweetie pies a little! I introduced the "-at" word family to my Kindergarteners and several seem to understand the concept! Yippee!

We used letter posters from the "Making Words" Kindergarten book to spell out "cat", "hat", "rat", "bat", "sat", "fat", and "mat"! They were so excited to do "big kid" work! In order to practice the concept some more, I created a book for them! It is FREE on TpT so go check it out!

As always, taking pictures did not happen just yet…they will be added ASAP! My sweet littles are so excited to be reading things on their own! It is heartwarming to see! It was a great way to end my short week!

I hope everyone has an excellent Friday and a great weekend!


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