Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn is Awesome!

There is nothing better than Autumn activities! Actually, there is nothing better than Autumn!!!! :) I've been trying to incorporate Fall into everything that I teach lately! I've got Fall Fever! 

I've already made my students play Halloween-themed games! They have been having a lot of fun with them too!

Playing "Candy Corn Counting: A Ten Frame Game"
These guys are playing "Picking Pumpkins".  This game encourages students to focus on number sequence by having them identify the number that comes before, after, and in between other numbers!
These darlings are playing "Witches Brew". It is a simple number recognition game. They LOVED using the little cauldron!

These games are part of my Halloween Centers if you want to check them out... :)
If you would like it, here is a free page from my Halloween pack:

Here is the link to the Google Doc

We also made a scarecrow to come!

Fall is FANTASTIC! :)

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