Saturday, June 9, 2012

Planning ahead

If you're anything like me, you are planning ahead for the Fall! I just cannot help myself but start to plan and yes, GET EXCITED! :) I've created an "Autumn Apple Games" activity set on Teachers Pay Teachers. I was thinking it's only fair to SHARE with the wonderful people who have supported me and joined my blog! 

I LOVE DJ Inkers fonts and graphics. I find myself wanting to use their products when I create my items for use in my classroom. In fact, the "Fun in the Sun" book was made using DJ Inker graphics! 

I created an apple spinner game that I can't wait to use with my new first graders in the Fall!

I hope you like it...As a matter of fact, I hope that the link will go to it! I'm still figuring out Google Docs so forgive me if it isn't quite right just yet!

Click her to see if my link works! :) Here's the cover page for a preview!

On that note, does anyone else know another way to share freebies? I don't think I can put DJ Inker creations onto Teachers Pay would be GREATLY appreciated!

Let me know what you think of the game! I am just so excited to be creating and sharing! Teaching is just the most FUN job there is! Am I right?!

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  1. I got it and saved it.....going to print it and make it for the beginning of the year!!! Thank you so much! It is a great game!